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NetScientific invests in DName-iT

NetScientific announces investment in DName-iT bringing important improvements to diagnostic Next Generation Sequencing

7th January 2015: NetScientific (AIM:NSCI), the biomedical and healthcare technology group, today announced its investment in DName-iT NV ("DName-iT") a spin-out from KU Leuven in Belgium

As a subsidiary company of NetScientific, DName-iT is developing a "solution of choice" for improving the quality and workflow of genetic diagnostic tests based on next generation sequencing ("NGS").

Current genetic tests are complex and involve many steps which are prone to errors. Diagnosis errors do occur and are important, but represent an underemphasised and understudied area of patient safety. Diagnosis errors are challenging to detect and it is even harder to determine with certainty their cause and consequence.

DName-iT's core products will include the DName molecules, accessory consumables and software for use in NGS. They will allow absolute quality control and automation of a broad range of tests in different fields in genetic labs.

Farad Azima, CEO of NetScientific, said: "Patients are receiving erroneous results from genetic tests. DName-iT has a potentially transformative technology that will help reduce such errors. For NetScientific, this investment secures an additional offering in our genomic-space personalised medicine portfolio."

Paul van Dun, General Manager of KU Leuven R&D, added: "When talking to potential partners for the further development of our technologies, we were impressed by the vision and network of NetScientific. We believe the collaboration with NetScientific creates an optimal setting for turning the technologies into products and services that will benefit society."


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