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Next Generation Sequencing Quality Assurance

DName-iT is a MedTech Company that is applying its valuable patented DNA barcoding method to develop a revolutionary platform for labelling patients’ specimens that are analysed with Next Generation Sequencing (NGS). 

What We Do

Genetic tests are complex and consist of many steps from patient sampling to result, all of which are prone to errors. DName-iT has developed a powerful proprietary technology that provides quality assurance throughout the entire genetic testing process. The technology is based on unique DNA barcodes or DNames.  
A mismatch between the known identity of a DNA barcode and its identity as read by NGS, flags an error in the genetic testing procedure, for instance due to sample switching or tube mislabeling. DName-iT's unique quality assurance system will boost the reliability of genetic tests while maintaining patient confidentiality. DName-iT's technology also identifies sample cross contamination and allows automatic reporting.

Next to a watertight quality assurance system, DName-iT is also developing methods that remove current bottlenecks in genetic testing.

The DName-iT technologies will help to unleash the unprecedented informative power of NGS by improving accuracy, fidelity and automation of genetic tests at a reduced cost. This makes genetics analyses more affordable and accessible for more patients.
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